We work with Mediatori, because the mandatory pursuance of mediation as a way that lengthy and costly legal proceedings and judgements might be avoided, has many advantages. From the point of view of the courts, private mediation and conciliation processes offer significant relief from overloaded rolls, while those in dispute will be able to save large sums of money and have their issues dealt with very much quicker. Perhaps the greatest value in mediation, however, is that the process strives to achieve a win:win outcome, as opposed to a judgement which leaves a winner and a disappointed loser. The latter outcome is seldom satisfactory.

Andrew Layman, CEO
Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI)

Explaining the logic behind the centre, Layman together with mediator Rolf Schmidt, said this is in line with international trends. They said this is affordable and in most cases, unlike court litigations, it leaves both parties happy. “Mediation and conciliation are the fastest of five conflict resolution mechanisms which include negotiation, conciliation, mediation, arbitration and litigation. “Unlike conventional methods, mediation and conciliation processes stand a far better chance of leaving the relationship between two parties intact,” Schmidt said. The centre will be based in the Chambers house along Stalwart Simelane Street in Durban city centre.

The New Age (Sihle Mavuso, 25 Oct 2012), Correspondent: KZN
The New Age (Newspaper)