Laurie Greyvenstein

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Laurie is an active driving force of equal access to justice with more than 32 years of experience in the field. He holds a B-Iuris and a Post Graduate Diploma in Dispute Settlement, Conflict Resolution and Negotiation (SU/USB). Laurie’s expertise covers Forensics, Commercial-, Criminal-, Civil- and Family Law. Until 2008 Laurie was public prosecutor, magistrate and acting regional court magistrate in criminal and civil courts. He addressed the Justice Portfolio Committee on alternative ways to deal with maintenance disputes and assisted the SA Law Commission on amendments to family law legislation. Laurie trained more than 900 persons in the Justice Department and the legal cost insurance sector on Alternative Dispute Resolution. He is a CD/ACDS/DiSAC and internationally accredited civil-commercial mediator, a NABFAM accredited family mediator and facilitator. He serves on the SAAM training committee.  When not assisting to solve disputes he comes up with optimized methodology for applying family law.  He is the author of various training manuals on family law and alternative dispute resolution.  Laurie is a guest lecturer at university in family law and family mediation.

English, Afrikaans