Martin Yodaiken

Martin Yodaiken is an experienced clinical psychologist, in practice since 1977.
He holds a MA Clin. Psychology (Wits), a P.G.Dip. in Law (Arbitration & Conciliation, UCT), a PCC (GSB-UCT and a P.G.Dip. Dispute Settlement, Conflict Resolution and Negotiation (Stellenbosch University/USB). Martin is one of South Africa’s first and foremost forensic psychologists, providing forensic evaluation and expert testimonies in court. He serves as court appointed facilitator with decision making jurisdiction for family conflicts. Martin is an accredited civil/commercial mediator (DiSAC / ADRg UK) and family mediator (FAMAC). He is a FAMAC committee member. When not helping companies and people psychologically and with forensics he treasures his Kendo swords and spends time with his family.