Rolf Schmidt

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Rolf Schmidt is involved in business matters since 29 years. He is a CD/ACDS, CEDR accredited (UK) and DiSAC accredited mediator for civil and commercial matters. He holds a BComm equivalent (Germany) and a postgraduate Diploma in Dispute Settlement, Conflict Resolution and Negotiation (SU/USB). Rolf has board, executive level and disciplinary experience. He is a member of the Institute of Directors in South Africa (M.Inst.D, IoDSA). Rolf’s background ranges from Technology/Telecommunications across healthcare to financial business plans, forensics and funding. He has experience with going public at stock exchanges. Rolf believes that most matters can be mediated, especially when the situation is tense or emotional. A third party at the table can work wonders, he says. He mediated since 2003 community matters, quite some pro bono. When not helping people with conciliations, facilitations and mediations he enjoys family, cycling, squash and odd attempts at hitting golf balls. Rolf is a founding partner of mediatori.

Afrikaans, Finnish, German, isiZulu, Italian, Russian (read/speak/write), a little Spanish and French