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  • ACDS ready for new legislation on ADR

    Mediation is an important component of the legal system. It helps to keep the costs associated with litigation and other court processes relatively low and, in the process, the legal system becomes accessible to more people. This according to Prof Barney Jordaan, head of the Africa Centre for Dispute Settlement at Stellenbosch University (SU). This Centre forms part of the University’s HOPE Project...
  • MEDIATION HAS ITS ACT [...together...] IN GERMANY - 2012 Mediation Act

    Since 26th July 2012 the Mediation Act (‘Mediationsgesetz’) came into force as a part of the ‘German Act for the Promotion of Mediation and Other Methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution’. Notable is that the new mediation act is not restricted to regulate the use of mediation in respect to cross-border mediations concerning civil law and commercial law matters. Furthermore it deals with mediation and other ADR procedures in general. The new Mediation Act (2012) only regulates the mediation outside a court (extrajudicial mediation). Source: Central University of Technology (CUT), Bloemfontein, 1./2. August 2012, presentation by Prof. Dr. André Niedostadek, LL.M., Harz University, Germany