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  • Durban Mediation MasterClass

    Laurence Boulle's Durban Mediation Master Class 'predictable irrationality' will close intake on Wednesday, 16th October 2013. Hurry to secure your seat!
  • Masterclass for Mediators in Durban, Sat. 19 Oct 2013 !

    Hello All - we have been able to get the Mandela Institute's Mediation Masterclass with Laurence Boullé to DURBAN! On Saturday, 19 October 2013, 8-16h, Laurence will introduce the latest in neuro-science and cognitive psychology, and the concept of 'predictable irrationality' to experienced Mediators in Durban. Bookings are open until Wednesday 16 October 2013. Only paid bookings will be honoured on the day of the Masterclass. Special thanks to Julie from Mandela Institute to help with a Durban 'leg', to Laurence Boullé for accepting one day in Durban, and to all who helped to make this happen. If we work together we can get Durban out of the 'backwater' status.... ;-) Rolf, Mediatori
  • First Anniversary of the German Mediation Act - 26 July 2013

    The first anniversary of the mediation law in Germany is coming! Nearly one year ago, on 26th July 2012 the Mediation Act ("Mediationsgesetz") came into force as a part of the "Act to Promote Mediation and other Procedures for Out-of-Court Dispute Settlement". A translation in English can be found on:
  • (Booktips!) Breaking down people's fear of accurately understanding themselves opens them up to a whole new level of honesty

    Breaking down people's fear of accurately understanding themselves opens them up to a whole new level of honesty that is astounding! In psychological terms, humans are quite self-protective in many ways, and the most evident is defined by the concept of "fundamental attribution error". Based on several sources, but one of the simpler ones, 'Ten Interesting Things About Human Behaviour' By Suzanne L. Davis, PhD, explains that most people universally over-rate their skill sets while under-rating others. Simply put, we humans just are hard-wired to believe we are better than we are, and others just do not measure up. Applied to mediation settings, the fundamental attribution error becomes a base recognition skill for enhancing the "re-framing" and early analysis of dispute etymology phases...[Further Book Tip: Liespotting by Pamela Meyer – both in and .de as Kindle books]
  • IFC and Lebanese Justice Ministry announce court-referred mediation program

    The IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, and the Lebanese Justice Ministry are working together to create a court-referred mediation program in Lebanon to help resolve commercial disputes efficiently and amicably, supporting economic growth.
  • Is Italy building an ADR system or just a secondary appendage of a historically adversarial system?

    In Italy there is an ongoing debate about mediation. In particular, a new decree being converted into law, provides that: attorneys will become “ope legis“ mediators . This imposes a serious reflection on the requirement of neutrality and independence essential to a professional mediator. And, also, a pair of fundamental questions: can be an attorney (without a specific formation) truly neutral and independent in a dispute? Is mediation a system of alternative dispute resolution in Italy really or they want to reduce it to a secondary appendage of a historically adversarial system?